Who I am

Here’s an overview:



Current location

The Big Apple.


Writer. (When you work with me, this is what you can expect.)

Skills and interests

  • Writing. (I’d be in big trouble otherwise.)
  • Research. I have an MA, and because my academic coursework and research has straddled areas in both the humanities and the sciences, I feel at home researching and writing about a variety of topics.
  • Teaching. I have the patience and enthusiasm for it.
  • Music. I love listening to music, and I play the piano.
  • Taking photos while going on a hike or long walk. (More on that here.)

Other things you’d like to know
Check out my writing experience for more information. You can also email me at writehilakatz (at) gmail.com and have a look at my LinkedIn profile:

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To find out more about my interests, visit The Sill of the World.

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