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26 reasons you won’t be finishing your to-do list

Finishing your to-do list might not be easy. Here are 26 reasons why:

1) You’re experiencing serious doubts about your abilities and effectiveness.

2) Somewhere, there’s a Law & Order: SVU marathon.

3) You keep adding to the list as the day goes on.

4) There are pins to pin and tweets to tweet.

5) Writing the to-do list has given you enough of a sense of accomplishment.

6) You’ve come down with the flu. Or something flu-ish.

7) There’s a new episode of Orange Is the New Black, Game of Thrones, Top Bitch-Slapping Housewife Chefs of Bravo, etc. or an old episode of Law & Order that you sort of forgot the ending to.

8) Writing the to-do list has exhausted you.

9) You’ve begun to wonder if anything you do matters.

10) You’ve misplaced your to-do list, perhaps intentionally.

11) You didn’t get started on your to-do list until the afternoon, and by that point it already seemed too late in the day to start being productive, so you gave up.

12) Your to-do list was written with the assumption that you don’t need to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom.

13) You look forward to berating yourself at the end of the day for not living up to your own standards.

14) Nothing on your to-do list is remotely enjoyable.

15) You never delegate to anyone.

16) You can’t bring yourself to say ‘no’ to anyone.

17) Your to-do list was written with the assumption that you’re more intelligent, strong, efficient, and/or persistent than you actually are.

18) It’s important that you commit at least one act of self-sabotage a day.

19) You’re frequently in the grip of a delicious daydream.

20) You often stop to smell the roses, inhale the magnolia blossoms, caress the daffodils, fondle the forsythias…

21) You will fail – you fear it, you know it, you can’t bear to see it happen.

22) Everything you do needs to be perfect, nothing short of perfect.

23) Your cat naps last three or more hours.

24) Your kids, spouse, relatives, romantic partner, not-so-romantic partner, friends, neighbors, pets, teachers, students, employers, colleagues, irate customers suck time out of your day like nobody’s business.

25) You’re on hold with a credit card company or Internet Service Provider.

26) You keep a to-do list but question the need for finishing it. As long as you get to the important stuff, that’s all that matters. And if you don’t get to the important stuff, well, there’s always tomorrow. (You hope.)

Do any of these sound familiar?

– Hila