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Nonprofit online engagement: Six tips for attracting interest and support

How can you attract more people to your nonprofit and keep them engaged with your cause? Are you using the Internet effectively for outreach?

Your organization’s success depends on a strong relationship with individual donors, volunteers, companies, government agencies, and non-profit partners. Online engagement increases the chances that people will keep you in mind and work on your behalf.

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The following nonprofit online engagement tips can help you build consistent support and interest in your cause:

1) Make it easy for people to get involved

A landmark online fundraising scorecard published a couple of years ago revealed some major problems with the way many nonprofits encouraged participation in their cause.

Of the nonprofits evaluated, 65% made potential donors go through at least three website pages to donate money, increasing the chances that these donors would give up in frustration. 20% of the nonprofits lacked a call-to-action on their website landing pages. Furthermore, most of them didn’t have donation pages that showed up well on mobile devices. To promote Internet engagement, you need to make it easy for people to sign up or donate. Help them quickly figure out what links to click on and how to navigate your site.

2) Treat people in a welcoming way

When people follow you online, sign up to help with your activities, or donate money to you, contact them with a personalized email, using their name in the greeting. Show them that whatever action they’ve taken matters to you and that you’ve noticed them. Make sure your emails point out additional opportunities to get involved. You can also welcome people to your cause with fun events, such as a giveaway – something you can announce on your website and via social media.

3) Don’t lose touch with people

You should periodically reach out to people by email. Thank them for their interest and anything they’ve already done on your behalf. Update them on the work your organization is doing and on upcoming events.

During certain times of the year, such as the holiday season, people will probably be more inclined to volunteer and donate. Time your communications appropriately.

Encourage people to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms where they can keep receiving updates from you and where you can keep interacting with them. Always reply to people with courtesy and thank them warmly. Highlight kind comments you’ve received and positive reviews and testimonials about your organization.

4) Convey your purpose succinctly

You can publish materials on your website providing all the details about your organization. But you also need to convey the importance of your work in a brief, compelling way. People glancing at your call-to-action have to immediately grasp why it’s important for them to help you. If they open an email from you, they need to quickly understand who you are and what you do.

5) Share compelling content

If you’re sharing data about your nonprofit’s success and impact, don’t limit yourself to dry reports. Use graphics that catch people’s attention. Post photos and videos that show the uniqueness, urgency, and beneficial results of your work. With permission, share real-life stories that inspire people to participate. Show your staff and volunteers at work, and give them opportunities to write about why they’re dedicated to your cause. Write blog posts that demonstrate your dedication and expertise.

6) Build trust

Provide top-notch security for your website, particularly any pages involving personal information and donations. Always maintain professional behavior online. For instance, don’t share content that contains insults and other offensive material. Act in a transparent way, and show how your organization uses its money to promote positive change.

Nonprofit online engagement will help you spread the word about your organization. Furthermore, it will enhance your reputation and trustworthiness. Please contact me for assistance with strengthening your online presence and consistently engaging with your supporters.

– Hila

(Image comes from this Flickr page, under this license.)