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11 kinds of blog posts for lawyers

Maintaining a blog is an excellent way for lawyers to attract clients. As discussed in a November 2013 article from the National Law Review, online content can play a key role in legal marketing. Blog posts can generate leads for your firm and help establish you as an expert in your practice areas.


What could you publish to your firm’s website? The following are 11 kinds of blog posts for lawyers:

1) Legal changes in your practice area
If a law has recently been passed or modified at any level of government, and it involves your practice area, you could discuss it in a post. How would it affect your clients? What complexities do they need to understand? You may also want to make the bolder move of taking a stand on this new legislation, pointing out its potential weaknesses or strengths.

2) Existing laws in your practice area
Go over statutes that frequently confuse people. Discuss laws or regulations they may not know about. Point out any penalties they should be aware of.