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Welcome to Words in Bold

Good writing is indispensable to professional success.

In this blog, the topics I explore will include:

  • The substance and style of good writing
  • Different kinds of writing, and their skillful (or misguided) use in various contexts
  • Advice for professional success

I look forward to sharing my own insights, making referrals to great books and other valuable sources of information, and hearing your thoughts.


In the meantime, consider: Are you in need of good writing?

Maybe you set up a blog for your business website, but it hasn’t been updated in months. Maybe you want to submit an article to a journal or magazine in your field, but you aren’t sure how to get past the first draft. You have exciting ideas about an e-book you want to write on a topic that’s sure to boost your professional credibility, but you’ve only got an outline so far.

Writing takes time, inclination, patience, and skill. Regardless of what kind of work you do, enlisting the services of a strong writer will help you attain success.