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How good writers strengthen your authentic voice


Recent articles on Internet marketing have emphasized authenticity: “being yourself,” communicating in an unforced way, connecting with people, and avoiding slick campaigns that show that you don’t know yourself or your customers. One article from Business 2 Community mentions the following:

Authenticity is Forbes’ number 1 trend that marketers should budget for in 2015… Authenticity is built on honesty (sincerity), quality (brand reputation), and history (your story through your voice).


Is poor writing making your business less customer-centric?

Are you aspiring to be more customer-centric? Could the way your business communicates be holding you back?

A recent article from Business2Community points out that while many businesses want to strive for a more customer-focused approach, many fall short.

The article then shares five shortcomings that make businesses less customer-centric. At least one of the problems involves poor communication:

When you pay attention to how the organization speaks you realize that the terminology and language requires translation for company outsiders.

Are customers engaged with the written materials on your website, blog, brochures, emails, newsletters, white papers and other communications? Or do they have difficulty understanding what you do and what you can offer them?

Professional writing assistance is one way to help your business become more customer-centric.

– Hila

Use strong writing to establish yourself as a thought leader

Philly.com recently published an article about what it takes to become a thought leader. The article offers six tips for becoming an inspirational, authoritative and innovative leader in your field.

Acting successfully on the advice depends in part on strong writing skills. Strong writing will help you:

  • Connect with clients, customers and business collaborators.
  • Make it more likely that other people will discover you and engage with your ideas.
  • Show people that you’re someone worth paying attention to.

Writing constructs an image of who you are (or who you’d like to be – your best self). Use professional writing and editing services to strengthen your reputation and communicate your ideas.