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Is poor writing making your business less customer-centric?

Are you aspiring to be more customer-centric? Could the way your business communicates be holding you back?

A recent article from Business2Community points out that while many businesses want to strive for a more customer-focused approach, many fall short.

The article then shares five shortcomings that make businesses less customer-centric. At least one of the problems involves poor communication:

When you pay attention to how the organization speaks you realize that the terminology and language requires translation for company outsiders.

Are customers engaged with the written materials on your website, blog, brochures, emails, newsletters, white papers and other communications? Or do they have difficulty understanding what you do and what you can offer them?

Professional writing assistance is one way to help your business become more customer-centric.

– Hila

How can high-quality writing improve customer relations?

A recent article from NewsFactor Business Report discusses the importance of providing customers with a positive experience and gives suggestions for how to better manage customer relations.

Public footpath misspelling looks unprofessional

Good writing is an important part of positive customer relations. You need to have strong writers working for you. Why? Here are some of the ways high-quality writing gets customers engaged and gives them a positive experience:

  • You look more professional, so they trust you more. Your website, white papers, press releases, brochures, flyers, etc. aren’t riddled with typos or written in a confusing way. Even a single spelling error could result in a significant loss of money for businesses operating online.
  • You’re able to share a compelling narrative about your business that gets people interested in what you do.
  • The customer service experience you provide improves. Customers can search for information they need on clear FAQ pages posted to your website and understand your instruction manuals.
  • You’re establishing authority by writing informative, well-researched articles and blog posts.
  • You can reach out to customers in emails, tweets, and posts that speak clearly to what they’re interested in.

The written word shouldn’t be an afterthought. Even when your communications are based heavily on images, the text needs to shine in order to give you credibility and provide your customers with clear, informative and interesting content.