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11 Types of Blog Posts for IT Companies

If your company provides IT support or managed services, what kinds of posts are you sharing on your blog?

Writing blog posts for IT companies

Use your blog to give clients a better idea of what you do. Demonstrate your expertise, and show them that you’re responsive to their needs and concerns.

The following are 11 types of blog posts for IT companies. They can serve as a springboard for hundreds of different posts.

1) Cyber security discussions and alerts

Unfortunately, data breaches are always in the news. There’s no shortage of topics for this type of post. Write about malware, phishing, and other threats. Point out vulnerabilities in hardware and software. Discuss various challenges, such as keeping a mobile workforce secure. To keep your tone from becoming too gloomy, offer solutions. Write about occasions where a cyber attack was blocked or contained.

2) Explaining your services

Clients may not understand what you’re offering and why it’s important. Describe the benefits of round-the-clock network monitoring. Explain why you recommend cloud-based data backup solutions. Give examples of how your managed services help companies reach and surpass their business goals. Write up a case study to illustrate your points.

3) Concerns specific to different industries

Healthcare companies and providers want to hear about how you’ll help them comply with HIPAA regulations and protect patient data. Manufacturers want to know how you’ll help them with software for industrial machinery. A variety of businesses are interested in ways to share files securely. These kinds of posts help demonstrate to clients that you’re sensitive to their business needs. As an IT company, you’re their partner and supporter. You understand their priorities.

4) Hardware and software recommendations

Maybe you endorse Microsoft Office 365 and specialize in working with it. Discuss its benefits, and post updates about new features. Other examples include cloud computing solutions, VoIP solutions, data backup methods, and CRM software you support. Point out devices you think are beneficial, like a specific kind of wireless router. It’s also a good idea to post side-by-side comparisons. Inform your clients about their options in a fair-minded way.

5) Cool tech developments and future trends

3D printing, the Internet of Things, Big Data… discuss the promises, the hype, the real possibilities. And maybe how you’ll play a part in these new developments.

6) Practical advice

Seven Tips to Avoid Losing All of Your Data Forever. Three Key Ways to Minimize Downtime After an IT Disaster. Eight Qualities to Look for in a Cloud Services Provider. How to Migrate from Operating System X to Operating System Y without Losing Your Marbles (and Your Data).

7) Demystifying terminology

What’s the difference between recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO)? Why are they important? Other terms include bandwidth, DDoS attacks, and RAM. In your posts, expand on the definitions with examples. Connect each term to the services you offer.

8) What a healthy system looks like

Don’t write only about devices crashing and software freezing. Paint a picture of a system performing well. Few unplanned outages, reliable high speed communications, data available only to authorized users. What kinds of services and solutions contribute to each part of this happy picture?

9) Plans and policies

For example, companies need a data backup and recovery plan, and cyber security policies that they’ll enact and enforce. Companies also need to maintain clear, thorough IT documentation. Discuss these issues in some of your posts.

10) Local area posts

If your company operates in a certain geographic region, include some content on your blog that mentions your local area. Your local SEO (search engine optimization) will improve, and you’ll rank higher in search engine results when people look for IT companies in your vicinity. Write about any local events you’ve participated in, such as fundraisers, community fairs, codeathons, and research and educational initiatives. Discuss issues from relevant local news, such as a nearby hospital getting hit with ransomware.

11) Awards and achievements

Offer proof of how wonderful you are (without sounding insufferable). Mention awards you’ve received, events you’ve sponsored, and conferences where your employees have been asked to speak. Describe important projects you’ve completed. From time to time, post excerpts from a positive review or testimonial.

Your blog is an excellent opportunity to improve your credibility. You’ll highlight not only your technical skills and strategic thinking, but also your ability to communicate clearly – a quality your clients value.

Having written extensively for IT professionals, I’m familiar with the kind of content that attracts interest. Don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance with your blog posts and other website content.

– Hila

(Image source: Pexels.)