Three types of Pinterest captions that get people to click

There’s more to Pinterest than captivating images. Re-pinning and liking images is important, but you don’t want the site’s users to stop there. If you’re using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, and linking different pins to pages on your business website or blog, you’ll want to give people a compelling reason to click on a pin and make their way to your site.

This is where a well-written Pinterest caption comes in. Along with the striking image, which can be anything from an artistic, sepia-toned photograph to a clever infographic, include a caption that hooks people’s interest. Consider the following ideas for Pinterest captions:

1) Lists

People love lists (‘top ten’ lists, ‘five best’ lists, etc.). Given that most people browsing the web prefer skimming to perusing, a list offers them something fun to run their eyes over. If the caption promises a list on a topic that’s interesting, informative, and/or entertaining, chances are they’ll click through and have a look.

2) How-to content

Pinterest has a strong practical element to it, as people share tips on a wide range of topics: how to make the best sangria, whip up mouth-watering omelets, give their front porch a vintage look, or teach their kids about science. If you’ve got a how-to blog post or page for your business site, the caption should make it clear that you’ll be giving visitors useful information.

3) Info relevant to purchases

If you’re offering a certain product or service at a discount, mention this. In general, even if the product you’re displaying isn’t on sale, you should consider having a succinct caption with relevant details (e.g. brand name, available colors, price, etc.) reminding people that what they’re seeing is more than a pretty picture of a pair of high heels or a pashmina shawl; it’s something they can purchase for themselves. People use Pinterest boards in part to construct dream lives for themselves; one board is devoted to home decor, another to wardrobe, and others to delicious food, the “perfect body,” dream vacations, and collections of books and movies. Offer them a piece of their dream.

Additional tips for Pinterest captions

Keep your captions brief, ideally no more than a line or two. They should really convey what they need to at a glance. The one exception may be in pins that are meant to be more informative. For instance, if the image displays a great athlete or a pioneer in art or science, you could have an interesting mini-bio accompany it; but even then, don’t ramble on until Pinterest’s character limit cuts you off. You can also underscore your topic using hashtags.

With this advice as a starting point, potential customers will do more than just like or repin what you put up on Pinterest; they’ll also want to see what you have to offer on your site. So be sure you don’t disappoint them… - That moment when you find the most awesome recipe or craft or beauty tip on Pinterest......... and the link leads to nothing.

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Is your business too boring to write about?

Young scholar (boredom)

If you’re starting up a blog for your business, you may be second-guessing yourself and wondering if your products or services are too uninteresting to write about. They may be useful, even necessary, but would people want to read anything about them? How could you ever compete for attention with posts on celebrity scandals, political ruin, or best-selling erotica?

Your posts couldn’t really compete, no.  But they wouldn’t have to.  And the writing could still grab people’s attention.


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Welcome to Words in Bold

Good writing is indispensable to professional success.

In this blog, the topics I explore will include:

  • The substance and style of good writing
  • Different kinds of writing, and their skillful (or misguided) use in various contexts
  • Advice for professional success

I look forward to sharing my own insights, making referrals to great books and other valuable sources of information, and hearing your thoughts.


In the meantime, consider: Are you in need of good writing?

Maybe you set up a blog for your business website, but it hasn’t been updated in months. Maybe you want to submit an article to a journal or magazine in your field, but you aren’t sure how to get past the first draft. You have exciting ideas about an e-book you want to write on a topic that’s sure to boost your professional credibility, but you’ve only got an outline so far.

Writing takes time, inclination, patience, and skill. Regardless of what kind of work you do, enlisting the services of a strong writer will help you attain success.

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