Is your business too boring to write about?

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If you’re starting up a blog for your business, you may be second-guessing yourself and wondering if your products or services are too uninteresting to write about. They may be useful, even necessary, but would people want to read anything about them? How could you ever compete for attention with posts on celebrity scandals, political ruin, or best-selling erotica?

Your posts couldn’t really compete, no.  But they wouldn’t have to.  And the writing could still grab people’s attention.

I recently wrote a blog post about leachate in landfills.  Leachate is a toxic liquid that accumulates in landfills and needs to be safely pumped away and treated before it leaks out into the nearby groundwater.  It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it, and the client I was ghost-writing for specialized in waste treatment.

What could be interesting about this topic? How would a post about it attract readers?

Here are some points to consider:

You don’t have to be interesting to everyone. As long as you attract and retain the attention of your target audience, you’ve met your objective. There are people who have a need for leachate removal, or who want to understand more generally the process through which leachate is formed, collected, and disposed of. They’ll find the post interesting, as long as it’s well-written.

You could find an interesting angle. Consider leachate. What would happen if it were to leak out into the groundwater? How could it destroy people’s health and harm the environment as a whole? What would happen if there’s a leak in the landfill, or if the pipes siphoning the leachate away get clogged? Whatever you’re writing about, you can put a fresh spin on it, hooking the reader with a strong opening paragraph and then presenting compelling facts, riveting news stories, and an emphasis on the human element.

Even a more dry approach can be engaging. Depending on your audience, you may want to write about your business in a more formal way, more in the tone of a report than a casual conversation with the reader. Even so, you could still make the writing flow, have it carry your readers along instead of depositing them on dry, flat sentences that seem to go nowhere.

The bottom line is, if your business exists, there must be a need for it. There have to be customers or clients out there who want to hear more about what you do, and how it fits in with their needs and with the world at large. And there may always be people who are merely curious, who come across what you write because of a general interest in your area; they may then decide to look a little closer at you. Get rid of the mindset that your business is too boring to write about; with creativity, enthusiasm, accuracy, and an eye for what would interest your audience, you’ll hook more customers and improve the perception of your expertise.

– Hila

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