Which of the Hogwarts Houses Fits Your Writing Personality?

Welcome to Hogwarts School of Writing. The Hogwarts houses remain the same as in the school of witchcraft and wizardry from J.K. Rowling’s books, but this time you’re going to get sorted into one of the houses based on your writing personality.

Each of the Hogwarts houses has its potential strengths and weaknesses. Do you write like a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?


Blason Gryffondor

Strengths: You write boldly, with little fear, on topics that fill you with passion. Reveling in your strengths as a writer and consumed with purpose, you can immerse yourself for hours in a project. You inspire others with your enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Potential Weaknesses: You’re prone to carelessness of different kinds. You plunge into a topic with little forethought or make sweeping statements without checking facts. You might forget to proofread when you’re done. If you’re bored with a topic, you put little effort into it.


Blason Poufsouffle

Strengths: Whether you’re feeling inspired or not, you work on your writing. Discipline, hard work, and a determination to see a writing project to its end are qualities key to your success. When you make a commitment to write regularly, you stick to it, and you’re patient about results.

Potential Weaknesses: Your writing might come across as plodding and uninspired. The grammar is good, and you’ve spelled everything correctly; you’re on-topic, and your thoughts are organized well. But your work lacks a spark. Maybe it’s boring or just sounds too much like what other people have written.


Blason Serdaigle

Strengths: Your writing is a potent means of exploration, analysis, and intellectual delight. Your work sparkles with intelligence. It’s full of penetrating insights, fascinating facts, witty observations, and/or piquant allusions. You meticulously research each topic and provide a thorough list of references.

Potential Weaknesses: Intellectual preening. Your writing is a mess of jargon, packed with multi-syllabic Latinate words, and it takes on a peevish, sneering tone. You’re convinced that lack of clarity is a sign of intellectual depth. All criticisms of your work are invalid, because obviously you’re a misunderstood genius!


Blason Serpentard

Strengths: You have a keen understanding of your audience and what they want or need to hear; you know what tone to use and how to frame your message. You’re adept at using your work as a means to an end. As much as you might enjoy writing, your burning ambition is to use it for greater fame, fortune and influence.

Potential Weaknesses: Ethical lapses. You might be tempted to commit plagiarism or knowingly use other people’s ideas without properly giving them credit. You might deliberately undermine people or feed them lies using your persuasive writing skills.

Which of the Hogwarts houses best captures your writing personality?

Does one predominate, or do you have a fairly even mix of strengths (and weaknesses) from across the Hogwarts houses?

– Hila

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  1. Sara

    I’m a hufflepuff, but I relate to Gryffindor the most in writing. I tend to not proof read, I just find it boring which has proven to be a great weakness of mine. But sometimes I get these bursts of ideas and It feels like the words are writing themself.


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