How good writers strengthen your authentic voice


Recent articles on Internet marketing have emphasized authenticity: “being yourself,” communicating in an unforced way, connecting with people, and avoiding slick campaigns that show that you don’t know yourself or your customers. One article from Business 2 Community mentions the following:

Authenticity is Forbes’ number 1 trend that marketers should budget for in 2015… Authenticity is built on honesty (sincerity), quality (brand reputation), and history (your story through your voice).

Another Business 2 Community article emphasizes how old tactics such as “keyword stuffing” don’t fly anymore. You need to connect with customers in a meaningful way. The article goes on to highlight different media and the importance of making your content authentic on each one. For instance, blogs are a key medium for demonstrating passion, sincerity, and expertise; blogs are meant to be personable and engage with readers.

Good writers can strengthen your authentic voice

You want to write blog posts and share other online content, such as articles, emails, and YouTube videos that follow a script. But you lack the time to write, or it isn’t one of your strengths. Maybe you aren’t pleased with the kind of content you’re trying to create. Your best bet then is to hire a good writer.

One of the benefits you’ll get with a good writer is authentic content. Even when it comes to content that’s more personal, a good writer can strengthen your authentic voice and bring it out more. How can a writer do this for you?

Discovering your authentic voice

Maybe you don’t know what your authentic voice is for your business. Maybe nothing you’ve tried so far sounds right; in your own ears, you sound stilted or forced. A good writer can work with you on discovering the right tone and finding the right content to develop and share. You’re still a part of the process, providing critical feedback – but the writer works with you, listening to your needs and getting to the heart of what you’re trying to communicate.

Offering another perspective to work with

Sometimes you can only really figure out what’s important to you when you’re working with someone. Good writers are full of ideas. They brainstorm with you, serve as sounding boards, conduct research for new ideas, and offer fresh perspectives that make your content unique (an important quality in authenticity). As they work with you, they can uncover new possibilities for strong, authentic content.

Working as you ear, not just your voice

Good writers have a sensitive ear. They’ll review your content and point out where you sound like a spambot. They can sense when your content is out-of-touch and forced. And they know how to improve it.

Who will help you write authentically?

At minimum, you need a writer who is committed to creating high-quality content: writing that’s well-researched, thoughtful, engaging, and creative. I bring those qualities to my work consistently. You also need a writer who can understand your purpose, hear your voice, and write in a way that’s true to your vision. Don’t hesitate to contact me to further discuss your writing needs.

– Hila

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