What’s Your Brooklyn Nine-Nine Writing Personality?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast.

When you sit down to write, are you more like Amy or Terry? The Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters have strengths and weaknesses that would play out in different ways during the writing process.

Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine character reflects the way you write?

Amy Santiago
Strengths: Massively well-researched, binders full of info, comprehensive, accurate. Impeccable grammar and spelling.
Weaknesses: Doesn’t know when to stop. Will double-check and edit endlessly. Perfectionist. Also bombs when trying to sound “with it” and “hip.”

Charles Boyle
Strengths: Dependable. Will do the hard work of writing, butt in chair, and get things done even if the results aren’t dazzling. Waxes poetic about certain inspiring topics, like food.
Weaknesses: Can miss the mark and come across as off-putting and weird. Metaphors sometimes creepy.

Gina Linetti
Strengths: Trendy, knows how to use pop culture references, writes stuff that will get shared on social media.
Weaknesses: Overuse of buzzwords and slang. Writes in emojis sometimes. Might not be open to constructive criticism.

Raymond Holt
Strengths: Elegant language. Refined thoughts. Obviously well-read and cultured.
Weaknesses: Assumes a sense of humor that isn’t in evidence. Doesn’t understand punchlines. Mentions world-class flute and recorder players with the expectation that everyone knows who they are.

Jake Peralta
Strengths: Thinks outside the box. Dances on whatever line exists between creative and crazy. When focused, can make connections between details and reach strong conclusions.
Weaknesses: Loses focus. Distracts self by making up songs about being a hero with abs of steel. Ideas sometimes make no sense.

Rosa Diaz
Strengths: Direct, honest, to the point. Doesn’t hide behind flowery words or use vague language to muddle thought processes.
Weaknesses: Assumes people know more than they do. When they don’t, they’re idiots not worth explaining things to. Doesn’t want to connect with audience, because they’re morons.

Terry Jeffords
Strengths: Encouraging, motivating, works hard. Knows how to reach people and inspire them with wholesome thoughts. Not afraid to explore emotions and write about them honestly.
Weaknesses: Refers to self in third-person a lot.

(I didn’t come up with anything for Hitchcock and Scully, but that’s ok for them.)

– Hila

(Image source: A promotional photo from IMDB.)