7 Awesome Holiday Season Business Blog Posts

When planning your marketing campaign for the holiday season, don’t neglect blogging. Holiday season business blog posts can drive more traffic to your site at a critical time of the year. They’re easily shared on social media, and they give you opportunities to showcase the best qualities of your business.


A useful, engaging blog post can keep people from quickly hitting the back button when they arrive at your business website; you’ll increase the chances that site visitors will stick around and become customers.

What should you blog about during the holiday season? Although the details will vary depending on the nature of your business and its personality, you can work off of certain types of blog posts as templates or starting points.

The following are 7 types of holiday season business blog posts you should consider using.

1) Special deals

What special deals are you offering this holiday season? Blog posts give you an opportunity to showcase sales, limited-time deals and giveaways. More than ads, they let you go into greater depth about what you’re offering and why it’s amazing. You can also write about the same deal or giveaway more than once, providing updated information or reminders.

2) Gift suggestions

You can structure these posts as lists; for instance, offer a Top 10 Gift Ideas post or a list of reasons for why something is the Best Gift Ever. In addition to showing off your finest or most popular products, you can also highlight an item that fewer people know about. Suggest items that go well together too.

3) Trends and industry predictions for the new year

These posts position you as an expert and leader. You can write them for a more general audience, pointing out products and lifestyle choices that you think will be popular. For B2B clients and other highly knowledgeable customers, provide more data to support your assertions, and discuss how you’re in the best position to take advantage of changes in your industry.

4) Yearly reviews and resolutions

Look back at the past year, remind people of various high points, and celebrate your growth. Discuss your goals and the direction you want to take your business in. List key resolutions for the coming year and reaffirm your commitment to customers and clients.

(If your business suffered well-publicized losses in the past year, these posts are an opportunity to write about your recovery – lessons learned, steps taken towards improvement, and any encouraging signs of renewed success.)

5) Charitable commitments

Maybe you’re donating a portion of sales to a non-profit organization or sponsoring charitable efforts in the community. Publicize what you’re doing on your blog and gently encourage customers to contribute in some way.

6) Holiday or seasonal tips

What useful advice or information can you offer people this season? Depending on your business, this can include any of the following:

  • Recipes
  • Fashion advice
  • Decor tips
  • Suggestions for fun activities and vacations
  • Safety tips of all kinds (for driving and auto maintenance, winter sports, coping with terrible winter weather, not setting fire to the home with electrical holiday decorations).
  • Support for healthy resolutions (eating a nutritious diet, committing to fitness goals, making appointments for preventative check-ups).
  • A heads up on laws, regulations and taxes that are changing in the coming year.
  • Resources for holiday difficulties, including belligerent family members and a lack of money.

7) Content inspired by customers

Invite customers to share holiday stories or resolutions on your blog. Set up a poll that asks them what they’d like to see more of in the new year. If possible, suggest that they take photos or make videos using your products (or at least something related to your business); you can share these on your blog and run a contest.

From my experience writing for business clients, these types of posts attract website traffic reliably, provided they’re original, well-written and tailored to your business. And they’re just a starting point for the kind of amazing blog content you can come up with this holiday season. Don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance with writing memorable holiday blog posts for your business.